As a vision care company committed to innovation and the eye health of the patients who use our products, Lagado is constantly seeking new ways to help our partner laboratories provide the best possible lenses to their customers. As such, we are pleased to announce that we are now authorized distributors of the Neitz line of contact lens inspection equipment. Neitz instruments are well known for their accuracy, efficiency and reliability and can help you bring the highest quality contact lenses to your customers and their patients.

For pricing or for more information on Neitz instruments, please contact us at or by calling 1.800.MENICON.

CG-Auto II Autoradiuscope (Not available in all territories - please call)

The CG AUTO is a precise measuring instrument that measures the spherical base curve surface, center thickness and surface quality of a rigid contact lens (finished lens or semi-finished lens, including toric base curves). The CG AUTO has a unique optical system which does not require operator centering of the contact part to be measured. Focusing is automatic, eliminating the inaccuracy and user fatigue of focusing manually. The center thickness of the lens is measured by a non-contact method which will not damage the polished surface of the lens.

  • All in one unit with integrated controller
  • LED illumination lamp
  • Unitization of lamp housing
  • Large display
  • Membrane switch
  • Error/ Warning message/ Blinking LCD
  • Fan free
  • High repeat Accuracy: within ±0.005mm (at fixed glass prototype R7.70)

CGX-3, CGX-4 Radiuscopes

High precision radiuscopes that measures the radius of a contact lens in increments of 0.01 mm. Available both binocular and monocular models, CGX radiuscopes require no adjustment of the filament when changing bulbs and have a built in transformer for a small footprint. The zero-reset button is conveniently located next to the dual focusing knobs. The CGX radiuscopes are available with digital or analog gauges.

  • Magnification:
    • 75x with 15x eyepiece & 5x objective
    • 100x with 10x eyepiece & 10x objective
  • Indication: Two-handed analog or 4-digit gauge
  • Range of measurement: Analog dial gauge 0-20mm, digital gauge 0-24mm
  • Unit of measurement: 0.01mm


Easily inspect for scratches, cracks and deposits on the back or front surface of a lens in better detail and with more accuracy than with a hand loupe or a slit lamp. Illumination is switchable from above or below the lens; magnification is switchable from 10x to 20x.

  • Magnification: 10x & 20x
  • Oblique illumination bulb: L-35, 6V-18W
  • Dark ground illumination bulb: L-36, 6V-18W

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