Menicon Z® is a hyper Dk gas permeable material that offers comfort, wettability, long term eye health and clear crisp vision. Menicon Z® offers the highest level of oxygen permeability in a GP lens material available today. Though it is most often worn on a Daily Wear (DW) basis, Menicon Z® is approved for extended wear up to 7 days, and for up to 30 days of continuous wear.

This lens material took years to develop because research and development had to balance two key factors: the strength of the material and oxygen permeability. Strength is important for contact lens wearers as it can mean that lenses are thinner and more comfortable. However, stronger lenses are often thicker, reducing the vital oxygen reaching the eye.

Menicon Z® is a truly novel polymer with the components syloxanylstyrene, fluoromethacrylate and benzotriazol UV absorber which makes it stronger, allowing the lens to be made significantly thinner than a typical gas permeable lens.

Menicon Z® not only offers extraordinary levels of oxygen permeability, it also offers higher resistance to breakage and scratches, with excellent deposit resistance compared to high and hyper Dk materials.

Menicon Z® delivers a high standard of safety and convenience, and enables you to manufacture a wide range of lens designs for even the most difficult and challenging corneas. This breakthrough lens material is approved for spherical, aspheric, custom toric and multifocal designs.

Menicon Z®

  • Low lipid deposition
  • UV Filter
  • Hyper-Dk 0f 163*
  • High-impact strength and hardness
  • Refractive Index 1.437
  • Specific Gravity 1.20 (25˚C)

* x10-11(cm²/sec)•(mlO²/[mlxmmHg])[ISO polarographic method]


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